Table-Rotating Type CNC Measuring Instrument

Radial direction rotation accuracy (0.01+3H/10000) μm

Axis direction rotation accuracy (0.02+3R/10000) μm

Stylus setting controlled by software within a range of ±1mm

Surpassing the previous generation with a repeatability of 0.3 μm
  • Linear motor drives, contactless guides supported by air bearings and unique positioning ensure ultra-low vibration levels
  • Contactless guides/air bearings equals low wear rates resulting in longer accuracy over the life of the system
  • High precision diameter measurement
    • Automatic crowning function
    • Opposed diameter measurement – patented
  • Straightness/taper angle measurement by R-axis tracking
  • Spiral Cylindricity measurement
  • Z/R/T-axis roughness measurement (optional)
  • Automatic force adjustment detector allows
    • form measurement
    • roughness measurement
  • Lead twist measurement (optional)

Area of Innovation
RONDCOM CREST has a significantly improved rotation accuracy as well as the positioning accuracy and straightness of each axis, realizing an ultra-high accuracy at the world’s highest level, which makes RONDCOM CREST worthy to be a reference machine in the Metrology world.
This accuracy has been achieved via newly developed mechanisms mounted on the Z axis of the column and the R axis of the drive unit. For the drive system, a new system combining the non-contact and low-vibration linear motor drive technology, which has an established reputation on our roughness and contour measuring machines, and a newly developed original positioning mechanism is adopted.
The RONDCOM CREST is designed for the highest accuracy demands and perfect for use in calibration laboratories or high precision manufacturing environments.