For profile, roughness and contour measurements for very large and heavy workpieces

  • Workpieces of diameters up to 2,100 mm (1,650 mm measurement range)
  • Air bearing equipped rotating table with 500 kg table load capacity
  • Rotation precision (0.08+H/1,000) µm
  • Contour measurement with a large movement range of ± 26 mm at a resolution of 1.24 nanometres
  • Roughness measurement with a large movement range of ± 2 mm at a resolution of 0.62 nanometres

Area of application
Special large and heavy big bearings, such as for example from wind power, energy and bearing industries can not be adequately precisely measured with conventional measurement systems like with KMG.The RONDCOM GRANDE combines all of the required measurements of the profile, roughness and contour parameters in one system.

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