Notice regarding impact by Apache Log4j on Tokyo Seimitsu software products

Tokyo Seimitsu (the Company) would like to inform you of the impact of the „Apache Log4j“ vulnerability announced by the relevant authorities on its software products.

The Company have confirmed that software for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments developed and sold by the Company and its affiliates, Tosei Engineering Corp., Accretech Powertro System Co., Ltd., Accretech SBS Inc. and Accretech-SBS UK Ltd., is not affected by Apache Log4j vulnerability at this time.

Please refer to the following URL for more information on the vulnerability in Apache Log4j:
IPA Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan
Vulnerability Countermeasure for Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-44228)

Japan Vulnerability
JVNVU#96768815 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in Apache Log4j

The Company will announce when there is any information that needs to be added in the future.

Contact Metrology:

Jürgen Horst
Director Product Group Metrology
Phone: +49 89 546788-24

Contact Semiconductor:

Ralf Hillbrecht
Account Manager
Phone +49 89 250064-272