Collecting and evaluating data for production control

Today, data is more important than ever in series production. The storage, analysis and evaluation of collected data volumes can contribute to the control of the plants and can be incorporated into the production process. A prerequisite for this is the simple recording and management of the available data.

ACCTee ist die integrierte Software zur

When is the perfect time to perform maintenance on production systems? Maintenance is often performed reactively, if faults occur, or on the basis of experience. However, reactive maintenance cannot prevent machine failures and could potentially result in significant downtimes. In the worst-case scenario, spare parts are not ordered until the fault has actually occurred, leading to longer waiting times.

Intelligent systems detect errors faster and offer concrete suggestions for solutions for minimising downtime and production rejects.  Predictive maintenance, i.e. a proactive approach to machine and system maintenance, will therefore become increasingly important in future.

The simple collection and analysis of measurement data provides rapid results that flow directly into troubleshooting. Production-related rejects can be reduced in this way. In turn, saving the measurement results allows different departments to access the measurement data, at any time and from any location. The evaluation of the corresponding data feeds into product development and production optimisation. In a digital factory, the storage, analysis and evaluation of collected data does not therefore just contribute to system control. The basic prerequisite in this regard is simple collection and management of the available data.

Integrated analysis software for rapid quality assurance


The ACCTee analysis software integrated in our profile and surface measuring instruments offers an intuitive work environment for your measurement and analysis tasks. The software is easy to use thanks to its user interface, which is similar to MS Windows. ACCTee offers a self-diagnosis function should a fault occur: for error handling purposes, messages and suggestions for troubleshooting are displayed by means of images and messages. This makes it possible to solve problems and rectify faults without a service technician, thus minimising downtimes significantly.

Thanks to a new, document-based measurement method, all the processes are available in one document (measurement result sheet). All results and information can be saved together.

ACCTee can be used not only as integrated software for operating our profile and surface measuring instruments, but also as a user-friendly offline analysis software as well. All measurement data can be transferred to an external workplace to create the final measurement report there. Offline use allows multiple measurement reports to be created at once without blocking the measuring instrument.

Ensure efficient data management with ACCTee and ZEISS PiWeb

All data can be transferred to the ZEISS PiWeb quality data management software via an interface for further processing. PiWeb can be used to evaluate all characteristics of a product over the course of several production stages. Data for different workpieces can be conflated and displayed in one report. Using ZEISS PiWeb network solutions, quality data and other product-related data are stored on a central server, thus enabling access to such data from any location via a secure Internet connection. The number of locations, and where the company is based, are not relevant. PiWeb is therefore of interest to all industries in which large volumes of data need to be evaluated.

ZEISS PiWEb: Die passende Darstellung der Messergebnisse für jeden Anwender: Messtechniker, Produktionsmitarbeiter oder für das Management

Combining ACCRETECH ACCTee with ZEISS PiWeb provides a future-proof tool that enables direct data evaluation and troubleshooting in production and provides the data for sustainable quality assurance and product development as well.

On the basis of the many years’ cooperation between ZEISS and ACCRETECH, we have been able to create synergies that support production.


ACCRETECH was founded in Tokyo in 1949 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of products for precision measuring equipment and of the most modern equipment for the semiconductor industry. ACCRETECH has been established on the European market since 1989 and now benefits from a comprehensive sales and service network.


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