70 years ACCRETECH
and 30 years in Europe

Since our beginnings we have been driven by our customers’ needs and our passion for new technologies.
With 70 successful years in the Japanese market and 30 years in the European market, we have become a global company.
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Use synergies.
For the most reliable products.

The word Accrete is hidden in ACCRETECH, which means: Using synergies, combining power, finding solutions together, offering the best support for the best products, growing closer and growing together. The name is our driving force for new pioneering technologies – in both the nanometre precision sector of industrial measuring technology and also in the fascinating area of semiconductor equipment technology. Our philosophy is also expressed in the many years of cooperation with partners such as Carl Zeiss AG, who we have been cooperating with in the industrial measuring technology sector for more than 20 years.

Semiconductor Industrial Metrology

Our Integrated Report details all strategic and CSR measures for ACCRETECH / Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. In order to offer high quality and relevant products in the future, we defined our mission to create long-term and cooperative relationships. This is combined with the exchange of know-how, information and technology, as well as exceptional customer support.

Integrated Report 2023
Integrated Report 2022

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International reputation and worldwide presence.
Also in your area.

As an international company, ACCRETECH has more than 40 sites on four continents. This size has many advantages for us in the research and development sector, when purchasing raw materials and for production efficiency. To ensure we are well-established on a regional level, despite our trans-regional strengths, we are supported by specially trained ACCRETECH sales and service partners in Europe. This means you always have your contact person on-site who can understand your specific circumstances and can create integrated solutions together with you. This is because long-term investments not only need the best technology, but also simple processes and short paths.

Semiconductor Industrial Metrology


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More than just a promise.

All products from ACCRETECH are subject to the strictest quality controls and – due to their technological benefits – prove to be extremely reliable, have low maintenance costs, and a long service life. Virtually every component is manufactured by ACCRETECH themselves at their own production sites. People at and behind ACCRETECH have internalised the concept of reliability, down to the smallest detail. If you choose an ACCRETECH product, then you can count on our comprehensive service at all times. This goes from advice, to training, as well as to retrofitting and upgrades.

Semiconductor Industrial Metrology

Precision in the nanometre sector.
For the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Energy efficiency, competitiveness, safety, environmental protection, cost reductions, excellent quality, perfection: Requirements made of the industry are becoming stricter all the time. Industrial measuring devices from ACCRETECH excel in areas where every nanometre counts, and the precision of coordinate measuring devices is no longer sufficient. ACCRETECH supplies Wafer Probes with both the best precision and a high throughput for the semiconductor industry. Our new fully and semi automatic 200 mm/300 mm Twin Spindle Dicers work at the fastest speed with the smallest footprint. And our Polish Grinder System with integrated Stress Release makes wafers which are up to 15 µm thin and flawless.

Semiconductor Industrial Metrology

Experience sustainability.
For the future of the environment.

Saving resources and preventing waste – these topics are very important at ACCRETECH. As part of our Green Procurement-Policy, we only work with suppliers worldwide who meet our strict criteria. We have been able to drastically reduce packaging waste by using new recyclable and reusable boxes and containers. Recyclable anti-static foil is used instead of AirCap bubblewrap to reduce CO2 pollution. Environmental protection is also considered equally as important as productivity in the development of new technology.

As a company we are conscious of our responsibility towards sustainability, society and economical topics. It is therefore without question that we have defined and implemented CSR measures (Corporate Social Responsibility) and goals to create a better future. In our Sustainability Report we state all our previous activities and targets for the coming years.

Sustainability Report 2023
Sustainability Report 2022