Kombinierte Kontur-/Rauheitsmessgeräte

Surface? Contour? Both!

The combined contour/roughness

measuring systems from ACCRETECH

Combined contour/roughness measuring systems

Higher productivity from measuring both parameters in one work step

The requirements for manufacturing metrology are growing: there are always more workpieces to measure in ever shorter timespans in order to reduce the volume of scap and keep production processes under control.

Companies save time on inspecting workpieces for surface parameters by measuring contours and roughness of workpieces with combined contour and roughness measuring systems. In these cases, the workpiece is only clamped once for both measurements.

The question here is whether a hybrid system with a dual sensor or a system with quick-changing sensors is preferable. ACCRETECH offers measuring systems for both options:

The SURFCOM CREST and the SURFCOM NEX 200 make roughness and contour analysis possible at the same time with only one measurement and only one sensor.

The ACCRETECH product portfolio of combined contour/roughness measuring systems

Link to: SURFCOM NEX 100

Measure contours and roughness in one measuring process with speed and precision

  • Hybrid sensor with high resolution and high measuring range at the same time
  • Deflection with contour probe arm up to max. 52 mm
  • No need to change the scanning system
  • Straightness precision (0.05+L/1000)µm

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Highly precise CNC measuring station for combined contour and surface measurement

  • High throughput due to extensive automation options
  • Large measurement range from 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)
  • Resolution of 0.31 nanometres
  • Precision ±(0.2+|H|/1000) µm with 50 mm arm

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The resolution capacity of the SURFCOM CREST is five times greater than that of the conventional systems. It also has an incredible ratio of measuring range to resolution: 42 million to 1. This allows the smallest peak-to-valley heights and contours over a very large measuring range to be measured in one measuring process.

SURFCOM CREST is the flagship of ACCRETECH in contour and surface metrology. The CNC measuring station for combined contour and surface measurement is used for industrial needs where high precision and throughput are both equally important, such as in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. SURFCOM CREST is especially well suited for measuring calibration standards, optical lenses, precise bearings, drive spindles and high-precision milled, ground, honed and sintered parts. Throughput is increased due to the extensive automation options.