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Surface measuring systems from ACCRETECH

Surface measuring systems

Surface measuring systems for roughness and contour

Surfaces characteristics have a crucial impact on performance, lifespan, visual appearance and ultimately the quality of technical products. That’s why the measurement of surface roughness and quantification in the form of profile, roughness and waviness parameters is of vital importance to many components. In many industries, tolerances regarding surface parameters are narrowing – be it in the automotive industry, Aerospace or general mechanical sectors.

Other developments:

  • A surface measuring system is no longer found only in the measuring room, but increasingly needed in manufacturing as well in order to take measurements right on the production line.
  • That’s why in addition to traditional, physical instruments, optical measuring instruments that can be operated much more quickly and without touching are seeing more frequent use.
  • Surface testing instruments are also mobile and therefore suitable for flexible use in manufacturing.
  • Today, 2D profile sections represent the state of the art when it comes to characterising surface roughness. More frequently, machines that can define the surface in 3D are used to get a more detailed surface characterisation.
  • Multi-sensor technology enables roughness and contour to be measured on one measuring instrument, even in a single pass.

The Overview brochure including information about measuring technologies and the product range of ACCRETECH measuring systems for surface, form and contour can be downloaded for free.

The ACCRETECH product categories for surface measuring systems

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ACCRETECH offers a wide range of gauging instrument products that can be used for measuring surfaces. They meet various user requirements regarding resolution, precision, component size and application.

This begins with 2 families of pure roughness measuring instruments – The entry-level series HANDYSURF+ and the SURFCOM TOUCH series for higher end requirements, there are two portable surface testing instruments plus three families of CNC-controlled tabletop units available for the measuring room or production halls. With SURFCOM NEX 1xx, Opt-Scope and SURFCOM CREST, there’s also a surface measuring instruments for combined roughness and contour measurements. And finally, ACCRETECH offers high-precision contour measuring systems for the measuring room such as SURFCOM NEX 040 and SURFCOM NEX 030.

The ACCRETECH product range for measuring surfaces includes physical and touchless optical 2D and 3D gauging instruments. A modern system configuration allows for adjustments based on individual customer requirements and applications.

This means the various models of the SURFCOM NEX measuring system can be configured with different measurement heads such as: White light non-contact sensor, roughness or contour probes or our patented hybrid probe (Roughness & Contour in a single pass) Furthermore, depending on the model, it can be automated for use in production – all the way up to connecting with robots or pallet feed systems. Measuring processes can be automated with the optional CNC positioning axis on the Surfcom NEX instruments for roughness and contour measuring.

ACCRETECH’s surface measuring systems run with the modern, extensive and user-friendly ACCTee evaluation software. They can be programmed without in-depth programming training. They also have a modern user interface that provides various custom user interfaces for different levels of user groups.

Systems can be delivered with or without anti-vibration table and users can also take advantage of the latest in ergonomic design which help operator fatigue if high volume measurements are common with our DX version.


A surface measuring system for every application.

Modular combinations for surface, contour or both.

The SURFCOM NEX series offers instruments for a variety of sensors, some of which can be combined, for roughness measurements, contour measurements or for both parameters. All of the SURFCOM models have 4 variables, Base Granite size, Column height, tracing driver length (100 or 200mm) and Detector type. Changing a sensor changes a surface measuring instrument to a contour measuring instrument or vice versa. Other sensors can also be easily swapped in, such as a hybrid sensor (Single pass Contour and Roughness) or white light sensor (Non-contact).

The advantages:

  • Modular building block system that can be progressively added onto
  • Patented linear drive enables fast measurements with low vibrations and reduces the amount of maintenance needed
  • Can be combined with a variety of sensors: surface, contour, hybrid and white light sensor
  • Retrofittable topography function
  • Optional rotary feeding for rotationally symmetric workpieces
  • Hand wheel for swivelling the measurement head by +-15°
  • Can be expanded by CNC building block system combinations: Y-table, horizontal and vertical rotary table
  • Various layout options: Standard (SD) and Deluxe (DX) option with active vibration damping