Surface measuring instruments and roughness measuring instruments

SURFCOM series. High precision surface measuring instruments from ACCRETECH are primarily used where the surface roughness influences the technical functionality of a workpiece. The modular SURFCOM NEX Systems are equipped with a roughness, contour or hybrid probe if desired and can be expanded at any time up to 3D surface measurement.The patented linear technology makes very precise tactile and optical measurements possible with high measurement speeds at the same time.

Product Overview catalogue:
Surface, form and contour measuring machines.

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Max. Measurement Range


±(1,5|2H|/100) μm ->
0,0001 μm ±(0,8+|2H|/100) μm

(0.08 μm / ±160 μm ->
0,0001 μm / ±3,2 μm

Handysurf+ 35/40/45

0.0007 µm
Z direction
-210 to +160 µm

Surfcom Touch 550

Probe with maximum resolution of 0.0001 μm and maximum Z measuring range of 1000 μm
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Surfcom Nex 001

from 0,10 nm / ± 3,2 µm
to 0,20 nm / ± 500 µm
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Surfcom Nex 100

Roughness from 1,0 nm
Contour 0,015µm / 5 mm
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Optical Sensor
0,10 nm / 20 mm
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Surfcom Nex 030

0,04 µm / 60mm
Indication accuracy (Z)
ACCRTECH GmbH - Produkte - Industrielle Messtechnik SURFCOM-NEX_blanko

Surfcom Nex 040

0,02 µm / 60mm
Indication accuracy (Z)
ACCRTECH GmbH - Produkte - Industrielle Messtechnik SURFCOM-CREST

Surfcom Crest

Roughness and Contour
0,31 nm / 13 mm

0,32 mm

0,8 mm

1 mm

10 mm

20 mm

60 mm

26 mm

0,01 µm / ± 20 µm
-> 0,08 µm / ± 160 µm

Surfcom Touch 35/40/45


Surfcom Touch 50

0,16 nm / ± 4 µm
-> 0,16 nm / ± 400 µm

Surfcom C5

Contour measuring instruments

Due to the elimination of the drive shaft and the drive gears, the inspection instruments work at a low vibration with a resolution up to 0.31 nm. Another significant advantage of the linear technology, which requires little servicing and maintenance, is the durability of the system and therefore the extraordinary cost efficiency.

Roughness measuring instruments

SURFCOM NEX 001 offers the possibility of roughness measurements at the same time of high measurement speeds, due to its patented linear system. The comprehensive measurement software makes fulling CNC controlled measurement procedures with all common standards, and many software functions, possible.

Combined contour/roughness measuring instruments

The SURFCOM CREST and the SURFCOM NEX 100 make roughness and contour analysis possible at the same time with only one measurement and only one sensor.
The SURFCOM NEX works with a Dual Sensor, which uses LVDT technology for high resolution of the roughness, and a glass scale for the larger measurement areas of the contour at the same time.
SURFCOM CREST uses a laser interferometer-based measuring system for the best precision and resolution in even larger measurement areas, and is therefore setting a new standard in precision and speed.

Mobile Surface Texture Measuring Instruments

Mobile surface texture measuring instruments are handy, robust and easy to use. They are ideal for measuring the surfaces of workpieces which cannot be transported, for example in manufacturing or final inspection.

Optical Measuring Instruments

The optical measuring instruments are suitable for quick topography measurement of sensitive workpieces, which cannot be touched with the stylus. SURFCOM CREST Lp can be extended with 2D and 3D surface measurement and is also suitable for large workpieces.

Software for surface measuring instruments

ACCTee – Integrated analysis software for surface measuring instruments