The SURFCOM NEX 030 is suitable for measuring all contour geometries and standard workpieces in manual or CNC controlled measurement procedures.

Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high speed movement (patented)
Low vibration ensures stable measurement at high resolutions (patented)
Z measurement range for 60 mm contour
Contour probe head with a glass scale, with 0.04 µm resolution using the full measurement range
Standard measurement precision ±(1.5+|2H|/100)µm
Manual probing force setting
  • Quicker change of probe with a positioning magnetic holder (patented)
  • Innovative safety system prevents collisions with the workpiece
  • Self-correcting temperature function which identifies and compensates for temperature fluctuations
  • Maintenance-free, due to the non-contact drive
  • CNC tables for automatic positioning of the workpieces
  • Probe head geometries are compensated from the software side
  • Surveys and measurements for determination of the diameter are possible with a T stylus

Area of application The SURFCOM NEX Series can be used to equip or modify future-proof modular systems on-site. Thanks to various modular parts such as a Y table, horizontal rotating table, vertical rotating table, hybrid sensor, white light sensor, surface sensor and contour sensor, you can design the measuring station exactly to your requirements.

Can be combined with all heads

NEX 001

NEX 030

NEX 040

NEX 100

optical sensor