Fully automated CNC surface measurements for series production.

Measurement in both the X and Y directions

Faster, reliable and cost-effectiv with 5 CNC axes

Measurement in all directions by rotatable probe head

Non-contact linear technology in the X-axis

Fast, low maintenance and low vibration

Positioning speed of 100 mm/s for high measuring efficiency, even for large work pieces

Extensive safety concept for maximum protection of operator and device

Optional: CNC stylus change

Optional: additional rotation axis and tailstock for fully automatic measurement of crankshafts and camshafts

Area of application
The SURFCOM C5 has been developed for fully automatic surface measurement and quality assurance in production. It is ideal for crankshafts and engine components in series production. The SURFCOM C5 features a massive granite construction and a specially developed active vibration table to minimize the environmental impact. The feed in the X direction is equipped with a vibration-free, low-maintenance and high-precision linear drive and provides additional stability.


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