SURFCOM TOUCH 35 | 40 | 45

Portable surface measuring devices with bottom runner attachment

Entry-level model of surface measurements for various production applications, especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Excellent price-performance ratio

Simple and self-explanatory user interface with 7-inch touch display

Depending on the application, up to three different measurement units can be combined with the evaluation unit

Automatic detection of the feed unit

User-friendly, multilingual user software

USB/Micro USB interface for extended data storage and transfer to the analytical software (supportware II)

Analysis unit with integrated printer
High-performance battery for mobile use
  • Analytical unit 35 (standard)
    Standard tracing driver for surface measurement in the longitudinal direction.
  • Tracing driver 40 (retraction type)
    Tracing driver for surface measurement in the longitudinal direction, with retract function to minimise wear on the probe tip.
  • Tracing driver 45 (horizontal type)
    Tracing driver for surface measurement in the transverse direction, ideal for hard-to-reach measuring positions such as crankshaft journals.

Area of application
The surface measuring instruments for the SURFCOM TOUCH 35 I 40 I 45 are particularly suitable for the measurement of medium and large workpieces during production due to their small, lightweight design and bottom runner system. All models feature simple and self-explanatory navigation menus to ensure easy and trouble-free operation. The measuring conditions and parameters for the respective workpiece can be saved and retrieved at any time.


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