Portable, versatile surface texture measuring instrument

2,4″ Full colour LCD

High resolution 0.0007 µm

16 mm Stroke length

Measuring speed up to 1mm/s

Measurement height range -210 to +160 µm

Very simple operation and user-friendly software

USB connector

Extension cable for remote use

20 languages available
Several measurement orientations are possible, including horizontal, inclined, vertical and ceiling surfaces
Automatic raising and lowering of the probe arm

Measurement 90° to the feed unit (4 mm) ideal for crankshafts measurement

HANDYSURF+, mobile surface measurement device
HANDYSURF+, mobile surface measuring device, application case
  • Immediate data analysis and display
  • Internal data storage/battery operation
  • Direct data output on the Laptop/ PC
  • Analysis of the roughness values in Excel, or Supportware II
  • Connectable to a thermal printer
  • Meets all common surface standards

Area of application
With the HANDYSURF+ devices, the surface measuring instrument comes to the workpiece and still delivers very precise measurement results. The standard HANDYSURF+ 35 product can be used anywhere – vertically, horizontally and overhead. As a result, the devices can be used by a number of industries, from mechanical engineering to automotive as well as from aerospace to the plastics processing industry.

The operation of HANDYSURF+ is kept extremely simple so that any employee in production can check standard surface parameters, even if they don’t have knowledge of measurement technology, which is another advantage for operators and production managers.


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