Z measurement range up to 26 mm

0.00031 µm with 50 mm arm

Precision ±(0.2+|H|/1000) µm with 50 mm arm
  • Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high speed movement (patented)
  • Low vibration ensures stable measurement at high resolutions (patented)
  • Roughness and contour can be analysed in a single measurement
  • Large measurement range from 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)
  • Can be extended with 2D and 3D surface measurement

Area of application
SURFCOM CREST can be used in all sectors where high precision and resolution are indispensable.SURFCOM CREST can be used in both the contour and surface sector due to the special hybrid system, and achieves high end results.

Can be combined with all heads

NEX 001

NEX 030

NEX 040

NEX 100

optical sensor