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Mobile surface measuring systems from ACCRETECH

Mobile surface measuring systems

Mobile roughness measuring instruments for production

Production and workshop managers know the dilemma: The surface parameters of a workpiece need to be measured soon and quickly – and the space to perform the measurement is too far away or is occupied. Metrology is then the bottleneck in production.

With mobile surface measuring systems for process-related measurements, this bottleneck can be dissolved. This allows companies to measure quickly and efficiently outside the precision measurement room; for example in manufacturing, at the incoming goods or final inspection – all based on the principle that the measuring system comes to the workpiece.

ACCRETECH offers two different series of mobile surface measuring systems: HANDYSURF+ and SURFCOM TOUCH.

ACCRETECH emphasised easy operation in both series so that even employees without skills in metrology can inspect common surface parameters in production or in incoming goods. This is made possible in particular by menu navigation that is as self-explanatory as possible.

High flexibility with the HANDYSURF+

The HANDYSURF+ series is the entry-level model for mobile measuring systems. These are convenient solutions for measuring, evaluating and logging surface roughness easily. Yet the roughness measuring systems still deliver highly precise results: With a resolution of 0.0007 µm across the entire measurement scale of the Z-axis, which ranges from -210 µm to + 160 µm. The devices thus cover the largest measuring range in their class.

The HANDYSURF+ systems also earn points for their high level of flexibility: The standard HANDYSURF+ 35 device can be used anywhere – vertically, horizontally and overhead. Only the feed unit has to be relocated. With the HANDYSURF+45, on the other hand, even lateral measurement movements for transverse scanning are possible. In addition, with the HANDYSURF+40, you have a measuring device that raises the scanning arm with its retraction feature and thus protects the scanning arm and workpiece from damage.

A total of 28 surface parameters can be measured with the services of HANDYSURF+ surface measuring instruments. All common standards are covered here. As a result, the machines can be used for a number of industrial purposes, from mechanical engineering to automotive as well as from aerospace to the plastics processing industry.

Link to: HANDYSURF+ 35/40/45

Portable, user-friendly and versatile surface measuring system

  • 2.4″ LCD colour display
  • High resolution of 0.0007 µm
  • Probe heads easy to change for different applications

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SURFCOM TOUCH for high-precision measuring results

If you need more precise results, the mobile surface measuring systems with free probe system from the SURFCOM TOUCH series are right for you. They combine a portable operating and evaluation unit with one of five different surface measuring systems from the series.

The small, portable SURFCOM TOUCH 35/40/45 systems with bottom runner technology are especially ideal for measuring tasks in production environments. They can be transported with an integrated battery and printer from one measuring station to the next. The flexibility of these mobile systems is increased further by the easy replacement of various measuring probes and by adapting the measuring unit for example to magnetic tripods or other holders.

The SURFCOM TOUCH 50 compact machines offer a resolution of up to 0.0001 µm, a max. Z measuring range up to 2,000 µm, and X axis guide accuracy of 0.3 µm with a measuring length of up to 50 mm. The probe system’s broad measuring range allows surface measurement not just on even surfaces, but also on radii or angled surfaces without having to painstakingly orientate the workpiece. Deep measuring positions can be easily reached and even the smallest holes measured thanks to a wide range of compatible probe arms. The simple changing system with probe arm spring clamp makes it easy to change.

The SURFCOM TOUCH 550 is the high-end model in the SURFCOM TOUCH range. It is a semi-automated surface measurement system with automatically controlled Z and X axis featuring the accuracy parameters of the SURFCOM TOUCH 50. The measuring program starts at the press of a button. The workpiece is approached and measurement is carried out after contact. After this, the probe system moves away from the workpiece again and evaluates the measurement. This is all done automatically. The SURFCOM TOUCH 550 can be configured in accordance with the client’s wishes. This means that the Z-column, granite plate and feed rate can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements.

The entire SURFCOM TOUCH series supports all common global standards such as DIN/ISO, JIS, ASME, CNOMO and all popular surface parameters for profiles, roughness, waviness or motifs.

Link to: SURFCOM TOUCH 35/40/45

Mobile surface measuring systems with skid attachment for production and measuring room

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • 7-inch touch display
  • Depending on the application, probe arms can be combined with the evaluation unit

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Mobile surface measuring system with free probe system, high straightness precision and large measuring range

  • Resolution of up to 0.0001 µm
  • X axis guide accuracy of 0.3 µm
  • Easy probe arm change and calibration

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Portable and intuitive evaluation unit

  • Flexible combination with five different models from the SURFCOM TOUCH series
  • Simple and self-explanatory user interface with 7-inch touch display
  • Integrated printer

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