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Success story: Eumetron GmbH – Global spearhead in the calibration of reference standards using RONDCOM

The DAkkS-accredited laboratory of eumetron GmbH in Aalen, Germany offers DAkkS calibra-tions traceable to national standards with an extremely high level of accuracy that is unri-valled worldwide. The experts use special procedures to calibrate plug gauges, setting rings, calibration spheres and hemispheres as well as test specimens and other reference standards or reference workpieces. Standards are used to adjust, calibrate, check and set dimensional measuring systems and are therefore important tools in quality assurance. When it comes to roundness measurement, eumetron GmbH relies on two RONDCOM form measuring devices from ACCRETECH. In doing so, eumetron GmbH achieves measurement uncertainties of just ten nanometres.

Success story: ARRI Cine Technik – Highest quality with an internal wafer inspection

ARRI Cine Technik is known as the leading producer of high-end film cameras and a key to their success is their commitment to the highest quality standards. As the image sensor is a critical component in every camera, ARRI decided to introduce its own in-house inspection process. The quality check should occur very early in production before the sensors are mounted into the camera. A precise and automated wafer handling system was therefore required, and ARRI Cine Technik approached wafer processing specialist ACCRETECH for solutions.

Philipp Hiersemann appointed as new authorized signatory

Utz Meister, current VP & CFO, will pass on his position as authorized signatory to his successor Philipp Hiersemann. This change is effective as of October 1, 2023.
Mr. Meister will take his deserved retirement as of January 2024 and will subsequently still be active as an external project manager for ACCRETECH.

Success story: Hill Helicopter’s quality ‘takes-off’ with ACCRETECH

Given the extremely competitive environment global aerospace manufacturers operate within, as well as ensuring the precision capabilities of their quality control equipment, the speed and operational efficiency of the sector’s inspection aids are becoming ever more important. The recent installation of an ACCRETECH SURFCOM NEX surface and contour measuring machine at the premises of Hill Helicopters illustrates the advantages aerospace manufacturers gain when they are able to achieve rapid, high-precision inspection results.

Success story: ITS. GmbH uses mobile surface measurement to create perfect implants

In order to treat fractures surgically, surgeons need implants that not only provide excellent support, but which can also be easily removed once the fracture has healed. To guarantee the smooth surface of the implants, ITS GmbH successfully uses the SURFCOM TOUCH 50 measuring device from ACCRETECH.

ACCRETECH launches a new generation of the ATC system

Is tool run-out spoiling your milling process? This can be caused by swarf or chips entering the tool chuck, wear on the tool-holder or at the spindle interface. The entry of chips into the tool taper can be particularly prominent during high-speed cutting of aluminium parts. The introduction of run-out into the tool, especially on higher value parts, can be costly in scrap, for example during machining of transmission and compressor cases, ABS system parts and cylinder blocks.

Success story: P.E.L. Pintossi face new quality challenges together with ACCRETECH

At its factory in Sarezzo (BS), P.E.L Pintossi produce a wide range of components for industry, on which it carries out a large number of processes with increasingly high quality requirements: thanks to the new SURFCOM NEX Profilometer-Roughness Gauges from ACCRETECH, profile and surface control can be carried out directly in production, just a few meters from the machine.

ACCRETECH donates laptops to the Meaalofa Foundation for a good cause

ACCRETECH contributes to a more socially and ecologically sustainable world. 7 laptops were donated to the charitable organization, the Meaalofa Foundation. The devices are recycled, and made available to refugees and people in need for free.

Success story: Kingsbury quality comes to the ‘surface’ with ACCRETECH

The surfaces characteristics of technical products have a crucial impact on their performance, lifespan, and visual appearance. Further complicating component inspection, many industries surface roughness tolerances parameters are narrowing. Although a wide range of static surface roughness instruments are now readily available, when a company’s requirement is for a precise, easy and quick to use portable surface roughness instrument, the options are relatively limited.

ACCRETECH (Europe) GmbH and ZEISS intensify their long-standing partnership and create more customer proximity

ACCRETECH (Europe) GmbH and ZEISS are realigning their long-standing close partnership. As part of this, ACCRETECH (Europe) GmbH will take over sales and customer support of the “Form and Surface” product area from ZEISS in Germany from 1 April 2022. The team that previously supported the business at ZEISS is moving to ACCRETECH Europe – the contact persons for customers will thus remain the same.

Success story: ACCRETECH HydraForce Hydraulics

Given the intense competition between engineering subcontractors it is often the businesses with unique selling points that stand out from the crowd. One such successful company is Washington, Tyne and Wear based RDS Precision Engineering. In addition to establishing a reputation for delivering on time and on budget, the busy company’s main differentiator is its highly developed quality ethos. To help ensure the premium quality of the company’s output, regular investments are made in high-precision inspection equipment.

Success Story: digital throughout

At its Steyr site, ZF uses mobile surface measuring instruments from ACCRETECH’s HANDYSURF+ series for first part approval in metrology – Data is logged in the ZEISS Calypso metrology software together with dimensional measurement data of the components taken from ZEISS coordinate measuring machines. This End-to-end digital solution ensures convenient data management, traceability and process stability at ZF.