Is tool run-out spoiling your milling process?

This can be caused by swarf or chips entering the tool chuck, wear on the tool-holder or at the spindle interface. The entry of chips into the tool taper can be particularly prominent during high-speed cutting of aluminium parts. The introduction of run-out into the tool, especially on higher value parts, can be costly in scrap, for example during machining of transmission and compressor cases, ABS system parts and cylinder blocks.

To counter these issues, ACCRETECH are launching the next generation of the already industry established ATC Run-Out Detection System.

The ATC Run-Out Detection System individually registers normal run-out of each tool on the machining center during a learning process. The “True run-out amount” is calculated using an on-board algorithm. Any abnormal run-out on that tool at the tool change will be detected automatically, and this information is fed back to the machine control. This detection can prevent the start of machining with the defective tool.