Press release: New RONDCOM NEX

ACCRETECH’s new form measuring instruments of the RONDCOM NEX series have a modular design. This ensures that the instruments, which can measure form, diameter and surface simultaneously with high precision, are suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks and offer retrofitting capabilities.

Closer to the customer – New Solution Center in Budapest

ACCRETECH is strengthening its customer focus in central and eastern Europe. We have opened a 100 square meter showroom in Budapest, where quality and production managers – especially from companies in the machining industry – have the chance to get a close look at ACCRETECH metrology solutions.

Success story: The RDS Precision Decision

Given the intense competition between engineering subcontractors it is often the businesses with unique selling points that stand out from the crowd. In addition to establishing a reputation for delivering on time and on budget, the main differentiator of RDS Precision Engineering is its highly developed quality ethos. To help ensure the premium quality of the company’s output, regular investments are made in high-precision inspection equipment such as the SURFCOM NEX 041.

Success story: Precision takes off

The aerospace and defence sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, where precision and dependability requirements are at the highest level. With an ACCRETECH SURFCOM NEX 041, S.I.M.E. can guarantee the quality of its components and fulfil the most demanding and varied requests from clients in Italy and Europe.

Press release: Shortening the set-up time for form measurements

The manual exchange and the associated repositioning of different workpieces or multiple measuring points generally take time. Such set-up times can be kept to a minimum with the right accessories. Unproductive machine times are therefore reduced, resulting in greater throughput.

Langläufer mit Ski der Fischer Sports GmbH

A micrometer gives you the edge on the world champion

Fischer provides the skis for Nordic skiing’s global elite. One factor for success or failure is how the boards are cut. The manufacturer’s team of experts conduct measurements with an ACCRETECH SURFCOM TOUCH 50 to ensure that the skis have exactly the right roughness.

Tim Wood, Regional Director North Europe, ACCRETECH SBS UK Ltd. will be responsible for the UK and Scandinavian market.

ACCRETECH opens Solution Center in the UK

In the Solution Center, interested parties will obtain comprehensive information and advice about the services and products offered. With the new Solution Center in Coventry ACCRETECH can now continue its strategy of customer proximity and local roots in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Metrology solutions for e-mobility

The requirements for quality assurance in the automotive industry are changing. Spindles and ball bearings in electric cars, for example, must have an extremely high surface quality in order to avoid vibrations and keep noise levels as low as possible. High-precision measuring devices can help to increase efficiency in electromobility and thus provide a competitive advantage.

Marcus Czabon,

Interview with Marcus Czabon, Head of Business Unit Metrology

Frankfurt-born Marcus Czabon has been working for technology companies for many years, focusing on industrial metrology and machine tool building. He has been head of the Metrology division at ACCRETECH Europe in his adopted city of Munich since April 2020.

ACCRETECH SBS Dynamic Control System

Balancing increases the efficiency of grinding processes

Any unbalance in a grinding wheel lowers the quality of a workpiece and costs money. In the worst-case scenario, downtimes occur. Automatic balancing systems permanently monitor the spindle vibrations and automatically correct grinding wheel unbalance within prescribed vibration tolerances.