Kingsbury quality comes to the ‘surface’ with ACCRETECH

The surfaces characteristics of technical products have a crucial impact on their performance, lifespan, and visual appearance. Further complicating component inspection, many industries surface roughness tolerances parameters are narrowing. Although a wide range of static surface roughness instruments are now readily available, when a company’s requirement is for a precise, easy and quick to use portable surface roughness instrument, the options are relatively limited.

After searching for a suitably accurate and efficient portable means of inspecting the surfaces characteristics of ground components, the technical staff of Kingsbury’s Grinding Division discovered the advanced HANDYSURF+ instrument. In addition to delivering the high-levels of precision required, the robust ACCRETECH product had the ability to be easily transported to customers’ premises and to withstand shop-floor use.
Kingsbury launched the company’s Grinding Division in 2017, representing Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH in the UK, Ireland and the GCC region with the aim of providing its customers with first-class grinding machines and comprehensive CNC grinding services. Also, in late 2021, Kingsbury were awarded representation for Studer AG within the GCC region.