Grinding Machines – High Rigid Grinders

The High Rigid Grinder is particularly suitable for companies who use very hard materials such as SiC, Sapphire, Si, ALN or GaN for wafer production. With the HRG300/HRG300A, individual wafers with a larger diameter (300 mm or 450 mm) can be ground as well as whole wafer stacks with a smaller diameter. The high stability and lower vibrations significantly reduce the grinding time and increase the service life of the grinding stone. The system is complemented by an optional In-Process Dressing function and a device which automatically measures the thickness of the wafer during the grinding process.

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≤ 200 mm

Quick, high performance grinding machine for hard materials up to 200 mm. Grinds one SIC wafer in 1 minute to 120 µm.


≤ 300 mm

Quick, high performance grinding machine for hard materials, for example SiC, GaN and sapphire up to 300 mm