Wafer Edge Grinder

The smaller the microchip, the greater the requirements of the wafer industry. We offer systems for high-precision wafer edge profiling directly after the wafers have been sawn out of the silicon single crystal (ingot). The modular system of the ACCRETECH Wafer Edge Grinder can be configured for wafer sizes from 2-12″ and for diverse materials (Si, GaAs, sapphire Si, SiC). Thanks to its compact design, the wafer edge grinder takes up as little space as possible. The automatic feedback function independently analyses the results, and the touch panel ensures easy operation.

≤ 200 mm Grinder

For perfectly rounded, stable wafer edges, which greatly improve subsequent handling.


≤ 300 mm Grinder

Productive edge grinding machine for large discs of up to 300 mm diameter.


≤ 450 mm Grinder

Reliable and easy to use. For edge profiles on wafers of up to 450 mm diameter


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