Compact, portable and easy to operate

ACCRETECH profile measuring equipment for the manufacturing area

Form measuring devices with manual columns

Compact form tester for production

Anyone in production or workshops is familiar with the challenge: The profile parameters of a workpiece need to be measured soon and quickly – and the measuring room is too far away or is occupied. Metrology is then the bottleneck in production.

With form testers for process-related measurements, this bottleneck can be dissolved. So that companies can carry out precise, fast, uncomplicated and efficient measurements outside the fine measuring room; for example in production, at incoming goods or the final inspection.

ACCRETECH offers the RONDCOM TOUCH for workers to do their own measurements directly in production. There is space on every workbench for it, due to its compact form: It is a mere 32 x 41 x 55 cm in size. With a weight of 26 kg, the RONDCOM TOUCH is one of the lightest devices in its category.

The overview brochure available for free download contains information about the measuring technologies and the product portfolio of ACCRETECH measuring instruments for surface, profile and contour.

The ACCRETECH profile measuring instruments with manual column


Portable, user-friendly and versatile profile measuring device

  • Compact – patented design for your workbench
  • ACCTee measurement software with help functions for centralising and levelling
  • Measurement range of up to 150 mm outer diameter
  • Rotation precision: (0.04+6H/10,000) µm

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Portable device for use in production or incoming goods

The highly compact form tester is designed for a measuring range up to 150 mm outer diameter and workpieces up to 15 kg. The probe head can reach the workpiece from all sides without a problem, because the column of the RONDCOM TOUCH can be placed into the X-axis. The probe head does not need to be manually moved from the outer diameter to the inner diameter.

With the compact form tester, components can be precisely and effectively measured during the production process. In order for the devices in the RONDCOM TOUCH series to be used by employees without knowledge of measuring technology as well – such as in production or incoming goods, it is extremely easy to operate. So the display’s menu navigation is self-explanatory.

It is operated and programmed using the intuitive ACCTee PRO software: With it, measurements can be preset and the results displayed in graph form and logged. Its unique feature is re-measuring at the press of a button. Changes in evaluations such as filters, centring procedures or notch saving functions can be performed without re-measuring. The changes in the measuring result will be displayed immediately.

In order to get a correct measurement result, the workpiece to be checked must be positioned carefully under the measuring instrument. But even with series measurements with high parts throughput and time constraints, the user often has difficulties with manual alignment. For this reason, ACCRETECH has equipped the RONDCOM TOUCH with a software-supported manual workpiece alignment.

With the RONDCOM TOUCH, workpieces with an outer diameter of up to 150 mm can be measured. The profile measuring instrument has a rotational accuracy of (0.04+6H/10,000) µm, allowing polar profiles to be measured with high precision. An air-cushioned precision rotary table helps provide the high degree of accuracy: in comparison to a mechanically connected rotary table, it has higher stiffness and long-term stability, for example. With its contactless guiding, the measurement results are not impacted by drive vibrations. Other advantages are: It does not wear out and does not require any lubrication. The measuring speeds are higher. With the air-cushioned rotary tables from ACCRETECH, an extremely high level of rotational accuracy of up to 10 nm can be achieved.

The RONDCOM TOUCH is equipped with modern communication options: wireless operation and data transfer with tablets and printers is possible via the integrated Bluetooth interface. If desired, the profile measuring instrument can also be connected to a desktop computer.