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Whether Wafer Edge Grinders, CMPs, Wafer Grinders or Wafer Dicers. Each ACCRETECH instrument should carefully complete the tasks that you expect from it, in an outstanding way. Precise, quick, reliable, with a high throughput and maximum productivity. Our comprehensive service offer accompanies you through the whole life cycle of your investment. And we do this with the same dynamism, precision, flexibility and up-to-date features that today and tomorrow’s semiconductor equipment market and you require. 

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In such a highly technical sector such a wafer and chip manufacture, nothing can replace a personal consultation. We show you which product, in which configuration, best suits your requirements.

Buying Advice
What is feasible and what can be produced? Our experienced sales team help you to select the appropriate hardware and software options, while taking the indicated parameters into account.

Application Advice
Flexibility and foresight are important for the rapid developments in the semiconductor industry. We therefore attach great importance to providing qualified application advice. This is both before and after installation of your ACCRETECH machine.

Equipment demonstration
You can find a selection of current ACCRETECH machines in our demo room. In this way, you can gain a detailed insight into how the device works and how to operate it.

Dicing/Grinding Process Advice
Higher throughput, higher yield, fewer rejected goods. Our Dicer and Grinder specialists develop optimisation approaches with you to specifically reach this goal.


You are on the safe side with service contracts in the area of maintenance and repair. You can also count on us for special issues such as outsourcing of dicing work, upgrades or relocation of machines.

Preventative Maintenance
Every machine should be maintained at specifically defined intervals for improved Up Time. You can choose between bi-yearly and yearly maintenance contracts.

From the first remote diagnosis by telephone to on-site troubleshooting. We ensure that your machine is operational again, as soon as possible.

We support you to update your machine and thereby increase efficiency. Software upgrades are also possible at all times.  

Machine Relocations
De-installation, transport insurance, vacuum packing, overseas packaging, transport and new installation. We ensure that your ACCRETECH machines arrive safely and undamaged at their new location.


Our ACCRETECH machines are also very user friendly. We offer various training sessions so that you can fully exploit the scope of possibilities.

Operator Training
The key topics here are safety at work, meticulous handling of instruments and teaching of basic competencies.

Maintenance Training
Here you can learn how you can safeguard the functioning of your instrument with preventative maintenance, and how you can quickly react to any problems which occur.

User Training
We teach in-depth know how on the creation of formulas and devices and work individually with each participant in our user training. The training also offers the possibility for valuable exchange of experience.