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Process control solutions for milling machines



Process control solutions for milling machines

Wear is a serious factor in milling. In the machining process, the tool is exposed to thermal and mechanical stresses. Wear of the cutting edge increases the contact area between the workpiece and the tool. As a result, friction increases and the temperature consequently rises. Furthermore, the cutting force may increase. This can lead to cutting force fluctuations and consequently to scoring on the workpiece surface.
The consequences are:

  • The precision of the milling process suffers and consequently the component quality
  • The tool used threatens to wear out more quickly
  1. ATC Product Line – Automatic Run-Out Detection system
  2. SBS Product Line – On-line Automatic and manual spindle and tool balancing
  3. SBS Product Line – acoustic emission (AE) monitoring system for First Touch and Crash Prevention
  4. Wireless Bore Gauge – automatic in-line bore measurements
  5. TL02 Touch Probe – work setup

The ACCRETECH product categories for milling machine solutions

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Therefore, it is important to continuously record and evaluate the relevant data during the process and to detect deviations and wear just in time. ACCRETECH offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the process control of your milling machine. The ACCRETECH solutions guarantee a long tool life while maintaining high machining quality of the workpieces.

Our SBS product line includes automatic and manual balancing systems that compensate for spindle and tool unbalance. The SBS product line also includes acoustic emission monitoring systems to detect first touch and abnormal events such as machine crash and tool breakage.

ACCRETECH’s TL02 touch probe can be used to set up workpieces, which helps reduce setup time and improve machining of precision parts.

In addition, the ATC Run-Out Detection system can be installed on your milling machine and constantly monitors whether the tool is running out because chips are entering the taper during tool change or the tool holder or spindle taper is worn. The ATC system fully integrates with the machine’s PLC/CNC and alerts when an abnormal condition occurs – eliminating scrap and rework.

The ATC system can be supplied as an OEM solution for new machines or as a retrofit package for older machines already in operation. Turnkey solutions are also available for FANUC Robodrill and BROTHER milling machines.

ACCRETECH’s wireless bore gauge for milling machines with automatic tool changer is an inline solution and is installed in the tool magazine together with other cutting tools. The bore gauge automatically measures and controls precision bores in high accuracy without retooling.