ACCTee – Integrated analysis software for form measuring instruments

New measurement style with new measurement concept
All measurements and analyses available in one document

ACCTee is equipped with a Windows-style user interface which anyone can access easily. High operability is achieved with the friendly and intuitive icons that assist a series of operations from the measurement to the printing of analysis results.

Displayed here is the easy mode, useful for manual machine users and beginners. Abundant wizards help users to easily start operations. Operators first select an item to measure and then set the measurement settings following the appropriate wizards. If no settings need to be changed, you can just select the Measure item button to perform the measurement.
An expert mode is also provided and it is useful for automatic machine users and experts because it enables them to create CNC programs off-line. In expert mode you can create the CNC program without operating the measuring machine. Running the CNC program automatically performs entire operations from the measurement to the result output.
The Calibration wizard is quick to run and ensure that the system is always in a good calibration state. The wizards saves time in the calibration procedure and allow operators to complete the calibration as quickly as possible, meaning the system spends more time in measurement mode than in calibration routines.

ACCTee is so designed that it can be used not only as incidental software for operation of roundness measuring instrument but also as user-friendly offline analysis software. If the format can be read with ACCTee, it is possible to import external text data and analyze, print with ACCTee.

ACCTee’s analysis condition setting lets make changes to the centering method, filter, noth setting and other parameters. You can see the analysis results in a preview display, and use trial and error analysis to select the optimum analysis condition.

ACCTee can always call up the Help wizard whenever the ACCTee is on. ACCTee has an on-line manual system so that an appropriate help message can be displayed by clicking on the help soft keyp. The help message can also be retrieved by using the index or keywords.
It is able to autodetect both of the workpiece edges and automatically set the measurement length so as to perform correct rectangular measurement from one edge to another edge of the workpiece.
It performs auto recognition of the gear tip surface and evaluates roundness just using the gear tip surface. Operators no longer need to set a number of notch segments.

In case of emergency, the self-iagnosis function is always active. As the support function for handling errors, it displays messages to indicate problems such as measurement machine screen errors and failures, so that the operator can take appropriate action to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

ACCTee is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

ACCTee Integrated analysis software
The ACCTee measurement system is the next evolution of TiMS software and has been developed to replace the TiMS integrated software with the all in one document solution.
By being able to perform the measurement and analysis on a document basis, the software provides excellent operability and a comfortable work environment for measurement and analysis tasks. With the document-based new measurement style, all of the operations are available on the document (measurement result sheet), and all of the data and information can also be saved with the related data.
This is the “all in one document”, next-generation integrated software, ACCTee.

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