Process control solutions for grinding machines



Process control solutions for grinding machines

ACCRETECH are able to provide a comprehensive process control solution package for your grinding machine. Our SBS brand includes automatic and manual balancing systems for grinders, as well as acoustic emission (AE) monitoring for gap elimination and crash prevention. The Pulcom product line of In-Process gauging systems can also be integrated for work-piece sizing and positional control, and the TL-02 touch probe can be used for work setup. The industry trend towards grinding machines utilizing automatic tool changing using HSK type tooling means that ACCRETECH’s ATC Run-Out Detection system can be installed on new or retrofit to existing grinding machines.

  1. SBS Product Line – automatic and manual grinding wheel balancing
  2. SBS Product Line – acoustic emission (AE) monitoring system for gap elimination and crash prevention
  3. SBS Product Line – advanced process control
  4. Pulcom Product Line – In-Process gauge systems for size and positional control
  5. TL02 Touch Locator – Work setup
  6. ATC Product Line – Run-out detection for grinding machines with automatic wheel changers

The ACCRETECH product categories for grinding machine solutions

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