High-precision and universal

Fully automatic profile measuring equipment from ACCRETECH

CNC-controlled profile measuring instruments

Fully automatic profile measuring instruments with automatic workpiece alignment

Experts from manufacturing and quality assurance are familiar with this dilemma: They have several dimensions to measure in a series of parts with a high throughput – and little time. The solution for this challenge is a fully automated, CNC-controlled profile measuring instrument with automatic workpiece alignment.

To ensure correct measuring results, the workpiece being measured must be carefully positioned under the measuring instrument. But even with multiple measurements, high parts throughput and time constraints, manually aligning the workpiece can be a source of problems. The advantages of automatic workpiece alignment are obvious: it saves time and reduces machine downtimes. Furthermore, it renders alignment devices unnecessary.

This is why ACCRETECH has developed a series of CNC-controlled profile measuring instruments that automatically perform workpiece alignment with the use of software. With the intuitive ACCTee PRO software, measurements can be programmed and the results evaluated and logged in graph form. Its unique feature is re-measuring at the press of a button.

The overview brochure available for free download contains information about the measuring technologies and the product portfolio of ACCRETECH measuring instruments for surface, profile and contour.

The fully automated ACCRETECH profile measuring instruments with automatic workpiece alignment

Link to: RONDCOM 60

Universal profile tester for measuring the smallest tolerances

  • Measurement range of up to 420 mm diameter
  • Rotation precision: (0.02+6H/10,000) µm
  • Air bearing equipped, high precision, rotary table for wear-free run-out
  • Measurement range and probing force can be adjusted

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Link to: RONDCOM 65

Profile tester with outstanding roundness accuracy and measuring stability

  • Highest rotation precision worldwide
  • Precision of 10 nanometres with 60 to 100 kg load carrying capacity
  • Z-axis precision: 0.05 µm/100 mm

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Link to: RONDCOM NEX RS 200/300

Roundness and roughness measurement with automatic workpiece alignment

  • Rotation precision: (0.02+3.2H/10,000) µm
  • Simple upgrade to a fully CNC capable profile measuring station (RONDCOM Nex 200/300)
  • Different variants with the manual probe system, X = 300 mm or 500 mm
  • Extremely quiet air bearings that are specially developed for high precision roughness measurements, in the rotation direction too

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Link to: RONDCOM NEX 200/300

High-precision CNC roundness measuring device for use in metrology rooms or in production

  • Z-axis precision: 0.10 µm/ 100 mm
  • Additional linear scale in the R-axis and Z-axis
  • Measurement range of up to 360 mm diameter

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Measuring equipment with superb accuracy for use in calibration laboratories or for measuring high-precision parts

  • Roundness accuracy (0.01+3H/10000) μm
  • Flatness accuracy (0.02+3R/10000) μm
  • Key settings are controlled by the software within a range of ±1mm
  • Linear motor drive with contactless guiding

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Profile measuring instruments for different requirements

The RONDCOM 60 profile measuring instrument is ideal for measuring cylindrical profiles on high-precision automotive parts. It is a roundness measuring instrument in the reference class for measuring with the lowest tolerance. Even the non-wearing, air-cushioned rotary table with 60 kg (or optional 100 kg) load capacity is ultra-precise with 20 nm. Especially on CNC-controlled machines that run round the clock, air bearings show off their advantage, as unlike friction bearings, they do not wear out. This makes the RONDCOM 60 extremely well suited for measuring small parts like injection nozzles, for example. Both the base and the column and R-axis are made from granite, which provides extra stability.

The RONDCOM 65 was specially developed for measuring cylindrical profiles on high-precision automotive parts, high-precision workpieces and calibration standards, as a profile measuring instrument with rotational accuracy of (0.01 +6H/10,000) µm. Its high level of precision is in part thanks to the non-wearing, air-cushioned rotary table for up to 60 kg (optional 100 kg) loads. The measuring range and probing force are both variably adjustable. The fast, automatic alignment enables high parts throughput.

With extremely high rotational accuracy, the CNC roundness measuring instrument RONDCOM Nex 200/300 offers fully automatic workpiece alignment. The
While the RONDCOM NEX 200 has automatic workpiece alignment and a manual turning/swivel probe head for measuring, the RONDCOM NEX 300 has a completely CNC-controlled probehead ensuring 100% automation at several different measurement positions/types. If desired, the RONDCOM NEX 200 can even be easily field upgraded to a fully CNC-capable profile measuring station later on.

The RONDCOM Nex Rs 200/300 is especially well suited for quality measurements on complex workpieces such as ball bearings. The advantage of this measuring instrument: It can be used to measure both profile and surfaces parameters reliably – in one clamping operation – at the same time according to ISO standards.
The RONDCOM NEX Rs is able to not only measure the position, profile and roughness in the R and Z direction, but also in the rotary axis. Measurement precision can be achieved in a way which was only possible with special roughness systems until now, due to its special air bearing concept with extremely low roughness.
Due to the modular design, the RONDCOM NEX 200 can even be converted to a fully CNC-capable profile measuring station later on.