High precision CNC roundness instrument with fully automatic workpiece alignment

Measurement range up to 360 mm diameter

Rotation precision: (0.02+3.2H/10,000) µm

Z-axis precision: 0.10 µm/ 100 mm
  • Fully automatic alignment of the workpiece and CNC programming of the measurement procedure
  • Offset probe sensor holder (patented) makes measurement below the R-axis possible
  • CNC rotation and swing head (optional = Rondcom nex 300)
  • Simple upgrade to a fully CNC capable profile measuring station (RONDCOM Nex 200/300)
  • Air bearing equipped high precision table-rotating instrument for wear-free run-out
  • Ceramic R-axis – reduced weight and thermally stable
  • Additional linear scale in the R-axis and Z-axis
  • New design protects the base unit and Z column from negative environmental influences
  • Different variants with the manual probe system, X = 300 mm or 500 mm
  • Workpieces up to 30 kg (optionally 60 kg)
  • DX version with active anti-vibration table and system enclosure (optional)

Area of application
The full automation of the RONDCOM NEX 200/300 makes use in the measurement room and user-independent operation in production and mass production possible. This minimises the influence of the operator, increases the measurement precision and is more time and cost effective in comparison with manual systems. The instrument is suitable for quality measurements for complex workpieces such as large bearings.


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