High precision CNC roundness measuring instrument with fully automatic workpiece alignment

Modular system with numerous product variants

Measurement range up to 360 mm diameter

Rotation precision: (0.02+3.2H/10,000) µm

Z-axis precision: 0.10 µm/100 mm
  • Fully automatic alignment of the workpiece and CNC programming of the measurement procedure
  • Roughness measurements in the R and Z axis as well as the rotation axis
  • Twist measurement with Surfcom MAP 3D profile assessment (optional)
  • Offset probe sensor holder (patented) makes measurement below the R-axis possible
  • CNC tilting and rotation head (optional = Rondcom Nex 300)
  • Extremely quiet air bearings that are specially developed for high precision roughness measurements, in the rotation direction too
  • Ceramic R-axis – reduced weight and thermally stable
  • Additional linear scale in the R-axis and Z-axis and rotation axis
  • Different variants: Z = 300 mm or 500 mm, for RONDCOM NEX α with 900 mm
  • Workpieces up to max. 30 kg, for RONDCOM NEX RS α up to 60 kg
  • DX version with active anti-vibration table and system enclosure (optional)
  • XY positioning table for large quantities (optional)
  • Potentiometer ensures reliability for CNC measuring processes

Area of application
With easy and software supported workpiece alignment, RONDCOM NEX 100 is ideal for high precision individual measurements and a wide spectrum of parts in the measuring room.