Flexible CNC measuring stations with high precision

Contour measuring systems from ACCRETECH

Contour measuring systems

Flexible contour measuring gauges for various applications

Angles, radii, distances and coordinates of workpieces can be determined with the highly precise ACCRETECH contour measuring systems.

Due to the elimination of the ball screw and the nut, the inspection instruments work at a low vibration with a resolution of up to 0.31 nm. Another major advantage of the linear technology, is it requires little maintenance and will maintain the measurement accuracy over the life of the gauge much better than tradition ball screw approach due to the reduction in mechanical wear. This gives our customers enormous cost savings over the life of the system.

The SURFCOM NEX 030 and the SURFCOM NEX 040 contour measuring systems are available for two-dimensional, physical contour measurement. These are both flexible CNC measuring stations. SURFCOM NEX 030 with a measuring accuracy of ±(1.5+|2H|/100) µm, standard version is suitable for measuring all contour geometry and standard workpieces. SURFCOM NEX 040 with a high measuring accuracy of ±(0.8+|2H|/100) µm, suitable for measuring highly precise contour geometry such as ball screws or ball bearings.

ACCRETECH keeps a wide range of probes for contour measuring gauges on hand so that even positions that are hard to reach can be measured. Probes can be swapped out quickly thanks to kinematic magnetic holders and high positioning accuracy.

The software for operating the profile gauge tools is deliberately kept simple and self-explanatory. Measurements are fully automated. Even calibration and adjustment are easy for the user to do, which saves times.

The ACCRETECH contour measuring systems

Link to: SURFCOM NEX 030/031

Flexible CNC measuring station for easy contour measurement with collision protection on the standard version

  • Contour sensor
  • Manual probing force setting
  • Resolution 0.04 µm
  • High measurement precision ±(1.2+|2H|/100) µm

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Link to: SURFCOM NEX 040/041

Flexible CNC measuring station for easy contour measurement with increased accuracy and automatic probe force setting

  • Contour sensor
  • Automatic setting of the probing force, software-controlled in 2mN steps
  • Resolution 0.02 µm
  • High measuring accuracy ±(0.8+|2H|/100) µm

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