Manual profile measuring station with high precision Z-axis

Software-supported alignment of the workpiece

Measurement range up to 250 mm outer diameter

Rotation precision: (0.04+6H/10,000) µm

Z-axis precision: 0.5 µm/100 mm
  • High quality axes with air bearing equipped table-rotating instrument, optional 500 mm Z columns
  • Measurement range and probing force can be adjusted
  • Semi-automatic procedures
  • CNC analysis with printout
  • ACCTee measurement software with help functions for centralising and levelling
  • Workpieces up to max. 25 kg

Area of application
RONDCOM 41 is designed for the quick, simple and precise execution of profile measurement tasks such as measurement of polar and linear parameters, for example cylinder profiles, straightness, concentricity, etc.