ARRI Cine Technik – Highest quality with an internal wafer inspection

ARRI Cine Technik is known as a leading producer of high-end film cameras and a key to their success is their commitment to the highest quality standards. As the image sensor is a critical component in every camera, ARRI decided to introduce its own in-house inspection process. The quality check should occur very early in production before the sensors are mounted into the camera. A precise and automated wafer handling system was therefore required, and ARRI Cine Technik approached wafer processing specialist ACCRETECH for solutions.

Together with ACCRETECH’s application specialists, ARRI developed an advanced and fully automated inspection process for their high-end image sensors, allowing them to identify faulty sensors before they are used in production. The latest internal quality inspection not only solved ARRI’s production challenges, it positioned them advantageously for future generations of image sensors. ARRI has found a reliable partner in ACCRETECH for upcoming wafer handling projects.