Hill Helicopter’s quality ‘takes-off’ with ACCRETECH

Given the extremely competitive environment global aerospace manufacturers operate within, as well as ensuring the precision capabilities of their quality control equipment, the speed and operational efficiency of the sector’s inspection aids are becoming ever more important. The recent installation of an ACCRETECH SURFCOM NEX surface and contour measuring machine at the premises of Hill Helicopters illustrates the advantages aerospace manufacturers gain when they are able to achieve rapid, high-precision inspection results.

Staffordshire based Hill Helicopters has pioneered a reimagined approach to delivering and supporting safe, exciting luxury private aircraft ownership at an affordable price. The company call this approach General Aviation 2.0. General Aviation 2.0 (GA2.0) extends far beyond the aircraft. It represents an end-to-end ownership experience delivering the aircraft customers have always wanted and combining it with all the support needed to get the best out of private aviation.