ITS. GmbH uses mobile surface measurement to create perfect implants

In order to treat fractures surgically, surgeons need implants that not only provide excellent support, but which can also be easily removed once the fracture has healed. To guarantee the smooth surface of the implants, ITS. GmbH successfully uses the SURFCOM TOUCH 50 measuring device from ACCRETECH.

All it takes is a slip and an awkward fall to break a bone. Where a fracture is complicated, surgery is unavoidable. Implants in the form of nails, screws and anatomically shaped plates, among others, provide the stability required. These implants have to meet high standards, because they usually have to be removed after healing, and the smoother its surface, the better.

For a sufficiently smooth surface and bio-compatibility, the implant manufacturer ITS. has recently started anodising its implants in-house in order to work more effectively and to be able to offer excellent quality. During the anodising process, the titanium implants are coated with a very smooth, bio-compatible oxide layer that smooths micropores and the finest cracks, thus reducing the possible integration into the bone tissue and the dreaded cold welding of screws. “In order to be able to guarantee the smoothest possible surface of the implants, we determine the surface roughness of the implants using the SURFCOM TOUCH 50 from ACCRETECH before and after anodising,” reports Lukas Feichtenschlager, Product Manager at ITS.