Semi-automatic surface measuring device with intuitive user interface

High-precision surface measuring system for the measuring room, with automatically controlled Z and X travel axis.

Modular design with different sizes available for the Z pillar, granite and feed unit

Probe with maximum resolution of 0.0001 μm and maximum Z measuring range of 1000 μm

X axis guide accuracy of 0.2 μm with a measuring length of up to 100 mm (optionally 200mm)

Evaluation performance complies with all current international calculation standards as well as P + R + W parameters

Simple and self-explanatory user interface with 7-inch touch display

User-friendly, multilingual user software

USB/Micro USB interface for extended data storage and transfer to the analytical software (supportware II)
Analytical  unit with integrated printer

Area of application
The SURFCOM TOUCH 550 is ideal for high-precision and semi-automatic surface measurements. The system meets all the requirements of the measuring room and is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive user interface. Semi-automatic operation during measurement, evaluation, data storage and logging simplifies the measurement process. The large Z measuring range of the probe system allows flat, oblique and round surfaces to be tested. In addition, it eliminates time and effort aligning the workpieces. Deep measuring positions can be easily reached and even the smallest holes measured using a wide variety of compatible probe arms. This is facilitated by a simple changing system with a probe-arm spring clamp.