SURFCOM NEX 001 offers the possibility of taking higher precision roughness measurements at higher measurement speeds, due to its patented linear system

Fully CNC controlled with Teach-in programming
  • Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high speed movement (patented)
  • Low vibration ensures stable measurement at high resolutions (patented)
  • High resolution of the measurement probe up to 0.0001 µm
  • Straightness precision: (0.05 µm +1L/1000)
  • Z measurement range of 1000 µm
  • Sensor with a compact design (Ø14 mm) for high accuracy and comprehensive measurements
  • max. 500,000x increase in the measurement
  • Measurement is possible in the X and Y direction
  • Can be extended with 2D and 3D surface measurement

Area of application
The SURFCOM NEX Series can be used to equip or modify future-proof modular systems on-site. Thanks to various modular parts such as a Y table, horizontal rotating table, vertical rotating table, hybrid sensor, white light sensor, surface sensor and contour sensor, you can design the measuring station exactly to your requirements. Due to the removal of the drive spindle and the gears in the feed unit, the system is low maintenance, robust and extremely resistant to wear.

Can be combined with all heads

NEX 001

NEX 030

NEX 040

NEX 100

optical sensor