The latest generation with innovative dual technology

2 measuring systems combined in one sensor

Roughness and contour detector with 5 mm

Deflection 10 mm with double stylus length

No change of the probe system

Low-vibration feed unit by linear motor

Straightness accuracy (0.05 + L / 1000) μm

Z-precision +/- (1.0 + 2H / 100) μm

High resolution of the probe system 1.0 nm
  • Patented linear technology enables high-precision low-vibration measurements
  • Maintenance-free due to contactless drive
  • CNC tables for automatic positioning of the workpiece
  • Topography option with Y-table
  • Topography option with SURFCOM Map software and the Accretech patented Y-Driver, which enables the measurement of even large workpieces.
  • Uniform software ACCTee for the analysis of contour and roughness profiles

Can be combined with all heads

NEX 001

NEX 030

NEX 040

NEX 100

optical sensor

Area of application
The new dual sensor achieves the highest measuring accuracy thanks to its two parallel measuring systems, which are integrated in just one probe head. For surface measurement, the data is recorded using a high-resolution inductive technique and a large measuring range for contours over a glass scale. Thus, one reaches a large measuring range with only one measurement and at the same time very high resolution.


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