Power Sensors

Process Control using Spindle Power

With the drive towards Big-Data and multiple sensor inputs from machining processes, the SBS ExactControlTM Card SB-5560 is capable of not only accepting up to 6 acoustic emission (AE sensors) using expansion slots, but also up two 2 analogue inputs from many third party sensors.
Power sensors, for example, are useful for machine tool applications where acoustic emission monitoring is not possible.


  • 2 analogue inputs are simultaneously sampled at a 250Hz rate
  • 16-bit conversion resolution applies to a -10 VDC to + 10 VDC – many sensors can be connectes
  • Useful when acoustic emission sensors cannot be used due to poor acoustic path
  • Mechanically tidy installation: Power sensor is mounted in the electrical cabinet, not in the work-zone
  • No sensors exposed to machine coolant
  • Less susceptible to electrical interference than acoustic emission sensors
  • 7 x ExactControlTM Strategies can be used to monitor the power signalt
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Useful when disturbances or poor signal path make Acoustic Emission (AE) monitoring impossible

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