Internal Balancer

Internal In-Spindle Mounted for Grinders & Machine Tools

The Internal Balancer is a preferred choice by many European grinding machine builders. This balancer type is designed to fit inside the grinding spindle, in a bore supplied by the machine builder. The balance weights are located under the wheel, eliminating any possible lateral coupled forces on the spindle.


  • Placement of balancer inside the spindle
  • Minimization of possible interferences between the Balancer and other machine components
  • Balance compensation range of 100 – 7,000 g•cm or larger
  • Operation from 300 – 13,000 RPM

System principles
Internal Balancers use internal motors and precision gear trains to position two balance weights inside the unit, to compensate for imbalance in the spinning wheel/ spindle assembly. Power transfer systems are identical to external balancers, either long life rotary slip ring, or non-contact systems are available.

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