ExactControl Card

Process monitoring for grinding and dressing processes

The SBS ExactControl Card has been developed to meet today’s requirements for comprehensive process monitoring.


  • Acoustic emission, power, spindle current, vibration, temperature, torque and speed, as well as information from the controller, e.g. alarms and positions can be used individually or in parallel for process monitoring
  • Six acoustic emission sensors can be connected
  • Two acoustic emission sensors be operated simultaneously
  • The ExactControl Card is multi-channel capable and has Profibus and Ethernet interfaces, and analogue and digital inputs /outputs
  • A micro SD card is integrated for data storage and records all grinding cycles in a continuous loop to its memory for process analysis

Examples of Monitoring Strategies:

All strategies are self-learning. Reference values are saved and parameters are automatically set in each learning cycle.

  • ExactGap
    Gap-elimination with background noise suppression and adaptive threshold response to reduce the air-grinding time
  • ExactDress
    Signal pattern recognition for dressing straight or profiled grinding wheels
  • ExactIntegral
    Material removal monitoring during the grinding process
  • ExactTime
    Detecting the minimum contact time during grinding and/or dressing

Your contact person in case of questions

Tim Wood | Regional Director North Europe | ACCRETECH (Europe) GmbH

E-mail: WoodT@accretech.eu | Phone: +44 (0) 2476 651 774