ACCRETECH opens metrology Solution Center in Budapest

Customer service and close relations are important to us. To be in close contact an extensively equipped showroom is now open for interested companies from Eastern Europe. Application-oriented live demonstrations allow workers, quality and production managers to marvel at the performance of ACCRETECH products in all relevant application fields of metrology.

“ACCRETECH is strengthening its services in central and eastern europe. This is why we have opened a 100 square meter showroom in Budapest, where quality and production managers – especially from companies in the machining industry – have the chance to get a close look at ACCRETECH metrology solutions.” According to Gürsel, the responsible Solution Center Manager.

The Solution Centre is a service offering for companies looking for high-quality and reliable solutions in the areas of quality and production process assurance. The location in Hungary affords them easier access to ACCRETECH products. One particular advantage is that all the metrology solutions made available can undergo live testing in application-oriented scenarios.

High precision metrology equipment for increasing demands

“We use a selection of standard inspection equipment, such as CMMs and vision measuring systems. Also, given the demanding specifications and challenging dimensional tolerances of many of our components, we also use highly-precise specialised metrology equipment, such as our recently purchased advanced ACCRETECH CNC contour and roughness measuring system.“

The decision to purchase the ACCRETECH system was a simple one. Some time ago, a major customer of ours searched the market for an easy to use CNC measuring station that could deliver high-precision, two-dimensional contour measurements, although several alternative systems failed to match the business’ exacting standards, a SURFCOM NEX 041 proved to be the ideal solution.
“As we were recently looking to up-grade our inspection capabilities in this area, given our customer’s exceptionally high precision standards, the in-depth research they had undertaken before their ACCRETECH purchase, and as a result of their recommendation, we also recently invested in a SURFCOM NEX 041.”

We offer interested companies realistic application cases in live presentation.

Gürsel Ak (Regional Director East Europe) is in charge of the Solution Center. “Here we offer all interested companies the chance to test their own individual requirements in the Solution Center – and with their own individual workpiece as well of course. We want to enable them to find the right and convincing solution for their quality assurance task.”

ACCRETECH is one of the few suppliers in Europe to have high-precision industrial measuring instruments and solutions for numerous applications in its portfolio. The new Solution Center covers the following applications:

  • Form measurement: for stationary use
  • Surface measurement: for the properties contour, roughness or waviness with a range of products for stationary and mobile use
  • In Line components: measuring sensors for integration and use within ongoing production processes
  • Grinding machines: measuring sensors for rotation and wear monitoring

Access and use are by individual appointment and after the desired application case has been agreed. This gives manufacturing companies access to state-of-the-art solutions for their quality assurance and production monitoring.


ACCRETECH Solution Center Budapest
ACCRETECH – Tosei Hungary Kft.
Liget utca 1, Ground Floor
2040 Budaörs, Hungary

Gürsel Ak / Regional Director East Europe
Tel. +36 (0)23 232 224