Interview with Marcus Czabon, Head of Business Unit Metrology

Frankfurt-born Marcus Czabon has been working for technology companies for many years, focusing on industrial metrology and machine tool building. He has been head of the Metrology division at ACCRETECH Europe in his adopted city of Munich since April 2020.

Mr. Czabon, you joined ACCRETECH in April. What were your first impressions?

I had already worked closely with ACCRETECH earlier in my career and viewed ACCRETECH as a company that fosters partnerships and is interested in long-term cooperation. These impressions have been confirmed – I think there is great potential in this joint collaboration for our customers.

What do you regard as the key areas of your work at ACCRETECH?

Marcus Czabon,

As a sales and service organisation, the focus of ACCRETECH Europe is on looking after our customers. For this reason, the number one priority in my work must be to understand customers, their needs, and to serve them successfully in the long term. When it comes down to it, the question is how customers can best benefit from a long-term collaboration with us. In this regard, it is necessary to develop and expand innovative offers – towards preventive maintenance or remote support, for example.

With the acquisition of Schmitt Industries’ SBS balancer business, ACCRETECH has taken an important step to complement its already excellent metrology product portfolio in the inline area. The integration of these new products will be a second important area of my work.

Your new position means you will remain in the industry you have worked in until now: What do you consider the key market developments to be? And what part does ACCRETECH play in this?

On one hand, it is important that we continue to support existing customers in their changing processes on a partnership basis. I am thinking particularly about offerings for the automotive and supply industry, and their new developments in the field of engines/drives.

On the other hand, we have to be attractive to industries in which metrology with a high degree of reliability and measurement precision is sought, such as medical technology.

In addition, the topic of data and data management is becoming ever more important, and with it the question of how the data obtained from measurements can be used in a targeted manner for product development and process optimisation.

You are moving from a global market leader to a medium-sized enterprise – what potential do you think ACCRETECH has as a participant in the market for industrial metrology?

To inspire customers, we need to succeed in creating value for our customers. For example, we can help customers make production processes more efficient or improve quality measurement in metrology rooms. In this regard, it is not the size of the various market participants that matters, but rather the product range and particularly the ACCRETECH Metrology team that supports our customers. In my opinion, ACCRETECH is on a good path – a path to mastering future challenges.


ACCRETECH was founded in Tokyo in 1949 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of products for precision measuring equipment and of the most modern equipment for the semiconductor industry. ACCRETECH has been established on the European market since 1989 and now benefits from a comprehensive sales and service network.