AEMS Card Monitoring System

Acoustic Emission Monitoring System

The AEMS Card eliminates air grinding gap time and alerts the operator of crash conditions by using proprietary acoustic detection technology to monitor and analyze the high frequency signals generated by the grinding process.


  • Cut cycle time and increase productivity by 20% or more
  • Increases throughput with less setup
  • Eliminate gap time with automatic grind in-feed
  • Improve part quality with precise grind/dress monitoring
  • Prevent crashes, damage, and injury
  • Automate shut-down on detection of extreme contact
  • Extend life of grinders, dressers, and spindle bearings
  • Four-channel capability permits balancing and monitoring of multiple machines
  • Control a wide range of grinding machine types/brands
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Sensor options accommodate diverse environments
  • Communications versatility: Profibus, Ethernet and USB
  • Enables CNC machines to re-position wheel at zero
  • International adaptability: voltage, frequency, communication, and display language
  • Backed by world-class, worldwide SBS customer service

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