The Orignal Automatic Balancer for Machine Tools

The Hydrokompenser is the original automatic balance system, designed for high-speed applications. The system is now manufactured in the U.S. Individual grinding wheels or grinding wheel assemblies can be balanced fully automatically, and under operational conditions, with high reliability and accuracy.


  • Capacity for mass correction of imbalance ranges from 5 to 50,000g•cm
  • Four chambered container can be designed into the machine wheel carrier be bolted on as an addition to an existing machine
  • Available in open or closed design
  • Calculation of pre-balance
  • Easy and quick addition or position mechanical balance weights on the grinde

System principles
The Hydrokompenser system uses machine coolant, water, or other available fluids to perform balancing. A four-chamber balance container is integrated into the wheel carrier or flange of the rotating grinding wheel to allow for injection of the correction medium. To achieve balance, a compensation counterweight is produced by addition of fluid to the chambered container that offsets the imbalance of the wheel assembly.

Magnitude and location of the imbalance are determined by a special measurement technique, using the systems rpm sensor and vibration sensor as inputs. The control unit processes this information to monitor the balance condition of the machine, and to control the balancing operation. The balance correction fluid is supplied via four injection nozzles to the four respective correction chambers. The delivery of fluid required for proper balancing is controlled by solenoid valves.

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