Inline measurement with sensor measurement technology

Due to our long and intensive experience with high-precision measuring technology, we can also offer client-specific, technologically sophisticated solutions for manufacturing lines: Measuring devices which already reveal the smallest defects in real time, during production.Measurement systems for quality assurance for final inspections. And Feed Forward systems which detect a combination of both possible defects early on and help to prevent them.For more stability in the production process as well as significant increase in efficiency and cost savings.

High precision digital measuring devices

Robust, waterproof and as small as a pen. Or a complete unit as an electrical micrometer which can be used as easily as a smartphone thanks to the touch panel. Multi-language user interface and data storage on a USB stick.


Measuring instruments for installation

Fully integrated inspection systems which also identify potential sources of defects in tough manufacturing conditions and organise the most difficult process procedures themselves, in difficult manufacturing conditions.


Measurement systems for production and post-process measurements

Compact measurement controls with protected construction. For continuous quality control during processing and after, also available as a combined instrument. Large selection of high-precision measuring heads for measuring inner and outer diameters.


Sensors, electric micrometers and air micrometers

Large selection of high-precision measuring heads for measuring inner and outer diameters; electrical micrometers with detectors for concentricity, thickness, parallelism, etc.; simple to use air micrometers with high precision and a long lifetime.