Measure the coaxiality (COA)

The coaxiality location tolerance defines the deviation of an axis from the reference axis, to which it should be aligned. The tolerated elements are axis or circle centre.

Coaxiality or concentricity tolerance
The tolerance zone is limited by a cylinder or circle of diameter t, the axis or directional normal of which corresponds with the reference axis.

The term concentricity only relates to the midpoints of circular areas; the term coaxiality on axes of spatial shape elements.

Rule of thumb:
For cylinders, the diameter of which is greater than their height, the concentricity tolerance is applied (tolerated element and reference: each circular centre), otherwise the coaxiality tolerance (tolerated element and reference: each cylinder axis.

Technical drawing: Measuring coaxiality

The coaxiality is mainly applied to shafts, for example machines and engine design. Excessive deviation of the coaxiality with very fast rotating shafts, such as turbocharger or machine spindles, can lead to component malfunction.