In CMP, chemical and mechanical effects are combined to make the wafer surface smooth and flat. CMP is also a hybrid between etching and mechanical polishing. CMP is especially important for wafers which are made from many layers. This is because the surface becomes more uneven if there are many layers. Microscopic uneven surfaces of up to 0.3 nm can be removed using the CMP technology. Imprinting the integrated switching circuit in subsequent lithography processes is also substantially facilitated by the flawless surface.

≤ 200 mm

High Performance CMP Technology for volume production of wafers with a 200 mm diameter. Combined with the assembly of the wafer loader, this becomes a fully automatic unit.

 ChaMP 211/232

≤ 300 mm

Compact, modular and reliable. For 300 mm wafers with the best surface qualities. In addition to the wafer loader, a cleaning unit can also be integrated for precise cleaning.

 ChaMP 311/332

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