When the Measuring Device Comes to the Workpiece

New portable surface measuring device HANDYSURF+ from ACCRETECH for use in production

HANDYSURF+, portable surface measuring system, application case

Production or workshop managers in the metalworking industry know the dilemma well: The surface parameters of a workpiece need to be measured soon and quickly – and the place to perform the measurement is too far away or is occupied. Similar bottlenecks occur with particularly large and heavy parts, which are difficult to transport. For such measuring tasks, ACCRETECH has developed its portable surface measuring devices of the tried-and-true product series HANDYSURF even further.
With the HANDYSURF+ devices, the measuring device comes to the workpiece and still delivers very precise measurement results: It has a resolution of 0.0007 µm across the entire measurement scale of the Z-axis, which ranges from -210 µm to + 160 µm. The device thus covers the largest measuring range in its class.

The operation of the HANDYSURF+ devices is kept extremely simple so that any employee in production can check standard surface parameters, even if they don’t have knowledge of measurement technology, which is another advantage for operators and production managers. The menu navigation of the display was kept simple and self-explanatory for this purpose. The devices can either be operated via a keyboard that even resists oily fingers in the rough production environment. ACCRETECH also improved the graphic representation of the software. In this way, workers can tell by the OK/NOK display straight away whether the measured surface parameters are within or outside of the defined tolerance.

Flexible in use for many different measurement tasks

In production and the workshop, the HANDYSURF+ devices also impress with their high level of flexibility: The standard HANDYSURF+35 device can be used anywhere – vertically, horizontally and overhead. Only the feed unit has to be relocated.
With the HANDYSURF+45, on the other hand, even lateral measurement movements (for transverse scanning) are possible. In addition, with the HANDYSURF+40, you have a measuring device that raises the scanning arm with its retraction feature and protects this as well as the workpiece from damage.
A total of 28 surface parameters can be measured with the new portable devices. All common standards are covered here. As a result, the devices can be used by a number of industries, from mechanical engineering to automotive as well as from aerospace to the plastics processing industry – anywhere that machining and forming occurs in production.
Due to the very attractive entry-level price, mobile surface measurements can also be realised in the small budget range with the HANDYSURF+ devices.


ACCRETECH was founded in Tokyo in 1949 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of products for precision measuring equipment and of the most modern equipment for the semiconductor industry. ACCRETECH has been established on the European market since 1989 and now benefits from a comprehensive sales and service network.

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