New tester range for surfaces: Flexible entry-level models for manufacturing and measuring rooms

With the new SURFCOM TOUCH series, ACCRETECH presents five new compact surface measuring instruments with a resolution of 0.1 nanometres, which are particularly well suited for small and medium-sized companies.

SURFCOM TOUCH, portable surface measuring device, application case

The instruments in the SURFCOM TOUCH series are measuring devices distinguished by their easy operation, high precision and flexible options for use. They also cover a wide range of needs from the workshop to the measuring room.

ACCRETECH has attached great important to the easy operation of the SURFCOM TOUCH series: a standardised evaluation unit with a 7″ colour touch display was developed for it, and this can be combined with various models in the series.

The complete measuring sequence – from the calibration of the probe system to the print-out of the measurements – has been designed to deliver simplicity and process reliability: not only can the probe can be calibrated, but the probe tip can also be checked for wear. This is done using a stylus check in calibration mode. Measuring conditions, parameters and other settings can be saved for the workpiece being measured and retrieved at any time.

At the end of the measuring task, the user is shown a graphical roughness or profile curve in the colour display and the measurements of the pre-set parameters are evaluated immediately with OK. or Not OK . Measuring results and conditions can be saved automatically and transferred to evaluation software such as ACCRETECH Support Ware II or to statistics processing software.

Five different models for various measuring tasks

The SURFCOM TOUCH series is made up of various models: the small, portable SURFCOM TOUCH 35/40/45 systems with bottom runner technology are especially ideal for measuring tasks in production environments. They can be transported with an integrated battery and printer to different measuring stations. The flexibility of these mobile systems is increased further by the easy replacement of various measuring probes and by adapting the measuring unit for example to magnetic tripods or other holders.

The compact SURFCOM TOUCH 50 device is designed for production and measuring room environments and features excellent accuracy, including: a resolution of up to 0.0001 µm, a max. Z measuring range of up to 1,000 µm (2,000 µm with double probe arm length), and X axis guide accuracy of 0.3 µm with a measuring length of up to 50 mm. The probe system’s broad measuring range allows surface measurement not just on even surfaces, but also on radii or angled surfaces without having to painstakingly orientate the workpiece. Even the tiniest drill holes or deep measuring positions can be measured thanks to a range of cost-effective probe arms that can be quickly and easily interchanged thanks to the changeover system with probe arm spring clamp.

The SURFCOM TOUCH 550 is the high-end model in the SURFCOM TOUCH range. It is a semi-automated surface measurement system with automatically controlled Z and X axis featuring the accuracy parameters of the SURFCOM TOUCH 50. The measuring program starts at the press of a button. The workpiece is approached and measurement is carried out after contact. After this, the probe system is removed from the workpiece again and evaluates the measurement. All of this takes place automatically. The SURFCOM TOUCH 550 can be configured in accordance with the client’s wishes. This means that the Z-column, granite plate and feed rate can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements.

The entire SURFCOM – TOUCH series supports all common global standards such as DIN/ISO, JIS, ASME, CNOMO and all popular surface parameters for profiles, roughness, waviness and motifs.


ACCRETECH was founded in Tokyo in 1949 and is now one of the world’s leading providers of products for precision measuring equipment and of the most modern equipment for the semiconductor industry. ACCRETECH has been established on the European market since 1989 and now benefits from a comprehensive sales and service network.

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