Ultrathin and immaculate.
Perfect wafers for perfect microchips.

Manufacturing microchips is very complex and costly. Hundreds of automated process steps are required to produce a modern microprocessor from the raw material, quartz sand. The most common base for chips are discs of silicon crystals, called wafers. The requirements for these discs are increasing every year. This is because ultra-thin, extremely durable and perfectly smooth wafers with planarity of only a few nanometres are necessary for ever smaller and even more powerful microchips – and thereby for 

smartphones, laptops, electronically controlled machines or intelligent cars of the future.

ACCRETECH offers the most modern machines and systems which you can use to manufacture exactly the types of wafers which are required in the semiconductor industry. We see ourselves not only as a developer and manufacturer, but also as a service provider and partner. Our global and European presence with a full sales and service network, as well as an application and demo centre in Munich, guarantees optimal support to our clients.

How you can support semiconductor production processes with ACCRETECH

For Wafer Edge Grinding, the edges of the raw wafer are ground to the desired profile. The modular system of the ACCRETECH Wafer Edge Grinder can be configured for wafer sizes from 2-12″ and for diverse materials.

Wafers are not only manufactured from silicon, but also from very hard materials such as SIC, sapphire Si or GaN. Extremely stable ACCRETECH High Rigid Grinders are the method of choice for these substrates.

To also obtain high surface qualities in multi-disc wafers, the individual wafer layers are levelled with Chemical Mechanical Planarising and can be prepared for the following lithography.

For Wafer Probing, electronic properties of individual chips are inspected at wafer level. This means that potential defects can be discovered and marked early on.

Polish Grinding is essential for the production of ultra-thin wafers. The discs are first thinly ground on the rear side and then polished to remove defects on the surface.

For Wafer Dicing, the wafers are separated in dies. This is also possible using a mechanical method with Precision Blade Dicing, or a fully contactless method with laser technology.

Wafer and Chip Manufacturing   


Wafer Test     


Wafer and Chip Manufacturing

ACCRETECH serves both segments of the semiconductor industry, the manufacture of the wafers and the microchip production with the corresponding production equipment. All equipment is extremely precise and has machines which work at high-speed – from Wafer Edge Grinders, CMPs, Wafer Probers and Polish Grinders to Wafer Dicing. Also with a Pick and Place System for high volume production, if desired

The actual procedures for wafer preparation and further processing start as soon as the raw wafers have been cut out of the ingot cylinder. ACCRETECH offers machines which are extremely precise and work at high speeds, with innovative technology for this step – from Wafer Edge Grinders, CMPs, Wafer Probers and Polish Grinders to Wafer Dicing. Also with a Pick and Place System for High Volume Production, if desired.

Wafer Test
During the final phase of the front-end production process, our probing machines inspect the electronic properties of the microchips on the wafer with great reliability and a high throughput. ACCRETECH Wafer Probing Machines therefore undertake the fully automatic loading and handling of the wafer while ensuring the best positioning accuracy.

The back-end production includes the assembly and final inspection of the wafer. To thinly grind the back of the wafer, ACCRETECH offers a Polish Grinder with integrated Stress Release, which combines two functions in one machine: Thin grinding and removal of mechanical defects. We are also specialised in manufacturing and selling Dicing Machines which combine wafers with electronic circuit patterns in dies.

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