Wafer Probing

Wafer Probing is used after the integrated circuits are applied to the wafers. To do this, the wafers are mounted on an xy-unit and connect to the contact pads (connection pads) with very thin pins. Since the test equipment connected to these pins only provides the individual chips with a voltage, it tests the correct functioning of each individual chip at the same time. The function test in the front-end process can fail in a more significant and intensive way than at a later point in time if only non-contact inspection is possible.

≤ 200 mm Wafer Prober

The right solution for every requirement: from proven, fully automatic basic models to ultra-quick high end models with the highest precision in a large temperature range.


≤ 300 mm Wafer Prober

High throughput and +-1.5 µm precision for wafers up to 300 mm diameter. Can be adapted to all testing environments and make simple handling and navigation possible.


Wafer and Frame Probers

Great flexibility. The Frame Handling Probers can be used for both testing ultra-thin wafers and for wafers on a dicing frame.


Key Features

High Voltage

High Current

Vacuum-less handling (MEMS)


Group Index

Bump Probing

Color Camera

Super-high Magnification camera

Mini environment (ISO xx)


Thin Wafer

Ultra Thin Wafer

Top-side handling

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